The global farming and agriculture sectors continue to face significant challenges. Climatic and economic conditions and government regulations continue to present primary producers and suppliers with ongoing challenges. While there is little we can do about climatic conditions, we are active in the provision of specialist services designed to help agribusinesses in overcoming the economic challenges.
Assurance Director, Oyunaa. U is specialised in agricultural accounting and has over 20 years’ experience in the sector as she had full filled various roles in the industry as an accountant, an economist, a general accountant, a tax consultant, and an auditor.

Also, our Assurance Manager Bumantsetseg. S has developed National standards on agricultural accounting for the Ministry of Finance.
We help our clients in tackling the challenges and employing opportunity through delivering extensive advises in the practical implementation of IFRSs, developing internal control system which well suites of client’s operation, benefiting tax discount or exemption, accurately calculating cost based on the production processes.