Accounting and Taxation services

Do you need assistance in establishing and developing an accounting system, complying with requirements of law, regulation, standards, developing Accounting policy, and enhancing professional knowledge and practical skills of your finance and accounting team?

If yes, you need below accounting and taxation services each designated to tackle specific problems your business face. Specific accounting and taxation services that we offer are:

  • Consultancy on IFRS, IAS & national standards
Are your organization face problems in implementing IFRS, IAS, national standards, and any other requirements? Are you not sure how to adapt to the enormous changes made in the standards and stay relevant? Do you need practical advice and assistance on compliance? If yes, we can help you tackle these issues by delivering extensive standards consultation with the best practice experience.
  • Taxation consultancy
Is tax risk keeping you awake during nights? Do you want to make sure your business complies with all the tax regulations? Are your accounting team needs expert-level advice on specific tax matters such as deferred taxation, VAT issues, withholding, tax dispute, loss carry-forwarding, and sector-specific tax implications?
Alternatively, are you planning to do business in Mongolia, but not sure about establishment type which reflects the most favorable taxation for local and international tax regulations?
Do your international business have a presence in Mongolia, and international taxation assistance is needed in matters such as double taxation, transfer pricing, BEPS in local content?
If these are the business pain that you experience, we are the right person to relieve you from the suffering! We deliver in-depth local and international taxation consultancy to our clients along with the extensive tax planning services.
  • Accounting and taxation outsourcing service
Do you need a highly-skilled, experienced, and ethical accountant or accounting team? If yes, our Accounting and taxation outsourcing service is the right choice for you. By choosing us, you can entirely rely on our firm with all accounting and taxation functions and being able to concentrate on your core business solely.
  • Development of accounting policy
Do you want to have an Accounting policy that is fully aligned and reflected in your business? Or do you want to update your existing Accounting policy, making it relevant to fast changes in laws, regulations, and standards? If yes, our Accounting policy development service is ideal for your needs.
  • Training on accounting and taxation
Do you want to enhance the professional knowledge and practical skills of your finance and accounting team? Do you want to make your team more capable of handling possible issues in accounting? We have such a training service designed to meet your and your accounting team's goal fully.

If you have any other needs or if you want to know more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you!