Our firm advises various trade businesses from mining equipment, electronics, vehicles, parts, petroleum products sales to household consumptions, fashion, cosmetics, books, and magazines to mention few.

Besides helping the local trade businesses thrive in their market, we also serve clients in international franchise businesses as well.

Companies operating in the commerce sector are continually challenged by technology disruption, fluctuation in foreign exchange rate, fierce competition, and demands for better customer services. Also, due to the nature of the industry, newcomers into the businesses face difficulties in appropriately arranging the various functions, adopting and using accounting software, lack of management and accounting skills and experience.

Especially, companies importing and selling consumer products with lower value and bulk amounts, tend to be prone to fraud risk if the cost calculation and accounts bookkeeping are not well maintained and internal control is not effectively exercised.

We deliver this much-needed assistance by proposing the most effective organisational structure which reflects strategy implementation and internal control, recommending the most suitable information systems solutions for the client’s operation, advising on compliance with tax regulations and helping them to build required skills in accounting and management.