The financial services industry is now more complex than ever, and businesses operating within the sector must deal with a wide range of ever-changing challenges that run from regulatory requirements, business and market risk, and ethical issues, right through to fast-moving technology updates.
We are registered service provider of the Financial Regulatory Commission (FRC) for assurance services delivered to the clients operating on stock market.

Our team of consultants include 3 FRC-registered stock market auditors and 2 FRC-registered insurance auditors. Moreover, we have two certified stock market consultants and an actuary consultant specialised in life insurance.
Moore Financial Services clients come from all sectors of the industry, including stock exchange, asset management companies, investment fund, brokers, bank, non-banking financial institutes, loan and deposits union, and fin-tech businesses.

We make sure our clients are well-advised during their journey for reaching their goal through our audit, compliance, accounting and taxation consultancy, due diligence, other corporate finance services and agreed-upon procedures.