We are committed to provide high quality service with outstanding expertise and integrity. Our people are the most valuable resource in achieving our commitment.

Therefore, we do intensely care about our employees’ professional development and career enhancement.

You’ll always have a consistent team with a dedicated specialist manager and partner – so you’ll only ever get professional advice to meet your business goals.
  • The firm’s latest staff turnover ratio is only 6%. This means your engagement team members are least likely to be changed over the periods.
  • Professional qualification of our people:
                 o 43% - Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
                 o 27% - Licensed Auditor
                 o 27% - Certified Public Tax Accountant (CPTA)

If your circumstances change, we act fast – giving you the support and guidance you need to deal with new risks, opportunities, and markets.
  • Each team services only 4 to 5 clients per year, making sure you are fully supported, and your business needs are diligently taken care of.
  • We intensively train and develop our professionals. More than 70% of the training and development activities are focused on updating the skills and knowledge of our professionals, going ahead of the changes in our client’s business environment.
If your business needs to expand, our global network across 100 countries can continue to support you as you grow into new markets.
  • We’re 7th largest accounting firm in Mongolia.
  • Moore Global Network member firms will help you wherever you do business around the world. We are global family with:
                      o 112 countries
                      o 266 firms
                      o 609 offices
                      o 30,569 people
                      o 3.06 billion USD

We’re a part of your team, so you have our support whenever you need it – to make decisions quickly and confidently.
  • #2 by the number of licensed auditors in Mongolia. We offer you greater access to senior-level professionals. The average percentage of senior-level involvement of the engagements was:
                      o 41% in 2018
                      o 52% in 2019
  • You will be served by auditors, consultants, experts who have more than 10 years of experience in accounting practice. At average, a team member has experience of:
                      o 8 years in Accounting
                      o 4 years in Consulting
  • MBA 30% - from recognized national and international universities, giving you greater access to business consultancy capability.