Participation in charity work

Our company has actively participated in “Carebox-15" charity work organized from “Tsetsee Gun” rotary club for the third time.

As new academic year is nearing, we have collected school supplies, books and clothes to be donated to children of workers of Landscaping Service Company.

Participation in “Risk Forum Of Mongolia 2018”

Risk Forum of Mongolia 2018 has been organized by "Mandal Insurance” JSC, and Golomt Bank on 14th of November, 2018 at Soyombo Hall of Tuushin Hotel.
The conference, that was organized for the ninth year, is one of the most influential events that address the risk factors of Mongolian social, economic and business sectors and the response to those identified risks.This year’s Risk Forum was organized with the theme of “Preparation of Business for Economic growth” and “Top 3 Risks that may threaten Business in 2019”.
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