Sponsoring mathematics olympiad held in honor of Batmunkh.A

Mathematics Olympiad held in honor of Batmunkh.A was successfully organized among teachers and students of 10 provinces and districts through 29-30th of September, 2018 for the fourth time. The Olympiad was organized by Mongolian Securities Exchange, Education and Culture center of Govisumber province, School #1 of Govisumber province, “Batmunkh.A foundation” NGO; and was sponsored by “Od Burtgel Audit” LLC, Mongolian Security Exchange JSC, Tsogt and Nandin  DPP and And Energy JSC.

Successful participation in annual conference on theory and practice

Annual Conference on Theory and Practice held by the General Department of Taxation, Mongolia has been commanded by the Ministry of Finance to be held bi-annually last year. The Bi-Annual Conference was held on 28th September, 2018, and the top 11 research materials from delegates from researchers, tax inspectors of the Mongolian Tax Authority, experts of CPTA and tax service providers have been discussed.

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